This page contains any and all positions that we’re looking to fill at a given time.

Volunteer positions

Committee member for Code of Conduct

Joining the Code of Conduct committee means you get to shape how our community mitigates harm and promotes joy. The committee helps create spaces where we collectively thrive, not just survive.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Read on for more details.


  • You have demonstable experience in open research.
  • You are cognisant of power dynamics/intersectionality (e.g., implicit biases).
  • You are reliable, self-reflective, empathetic, and comfortable with complexity.
  • You are aware of intercultural sensitivities.
  • You appreciate and have a sense of community.
  • You sign on to our general mission and current code of conduct.


  • 60 minute meeting every quarter, plus 2 hours availability per incident report (2021: 1 report, 2022: no reports)
  • 5 hours for CoC training workshop
  • Additional commitments at own discretion
  • Commit for at least one year, at most two years


  • $350 Code of Conduct training provided
  • Agency in deciding what committee budget gets spent on
  • Agency in revising CoC
  • Opportunity to cultivate safer communities and transformative justice
  • Complimentary ResearchEquals supporting membership for double the duration of committee membership