Work is a part of your week, and we’d like for that to stay that way. In our culture, we focus the amount of time you spend on work.

When and how much?

We run a four-day workweek (32 hours = full-time). Currently, fridays are our collective day off to do other things!


The four-day workweek is a broader movement and has a lot of benefits. Follow the link if you’d like more information:

Our regular hours are Monday-Thursday between 7am-8pm, in which you can flexibly allocate your hours. Our main operations timezone is Berlin (Germany; UTC+1 or UTC+2 during summertime).

Right to disconnect

When you’re off work, you’re off work.

You are responsible for setting your own work hours, and when those work hours are over, you can truly unplug from work and are not expected to answer work-related communications. If somebody does pressure you to do so, reach out to the Code of Conduct committee.

We actively discourage you from installing any work-related communications (e.g., email) on non-company devices, to help with disconnecting and prevent feelings of having to respond.


For more information, check out the Digital Justice project.

Making the most of it, together

Less time at work means we all have to learn and help each other prioritize. This is a good thing.

It also has a lot of implications that may be uncomfortable. Some of you might struggle saying no to things, others might struggle with receiving a no. It means being honest and considerate with your teammates, but also yourself.

Can you deliver what you promise? Does that meeting really need to involve everyone? Share your journey with your team, and when somebody shares their insecurities, thank them for it.

Time off

You can take 1-2 personal days at any time, as long as it does not interrupt operations. Longer periods have to be approved by your direct manager and planned at least a month in advance. You are required to take at least 25 days per year

Not all time off is PTO. Here are other reasons to take time off while working at Liberate Science:

  • You can get up to 6 weeks sick leave. Notify your manager on the first working day you are sick, and get a doctor’s note the same day.
  • We grant 1 day period leave every month for menstruating people.
  • We grant special leave for sick care, bereavement, and other scenarios to the degree we reasonably can given the state of the business.